Who are you?

I'm Terry O'Reilly.

Editor's note: Terry O'Reilly is a Canadian radio personality, advertising expert, and podcaster. His advertising career began in 1981 as a creative director for a Burlington radio station. In 2004, he started hosting the CBC Radio show "The Age of Persuasion," which explored the world of advertising and marketing. The show was a huge success and ran for nine seasons. O'Reilly later launched a spin-off podcast called "Under the Influence."

What is your podcast(s) about?

Under The Influence is a fun insider's look at the advertising industry hosted by an ex-adman. It takes an insightful and very amusing look at the intersection of pop culture and advertising. The podcast was downloaded 7 million times last year.

Where do you record your podcast? Do you have a studio?

We record our podcasts inside a restored 1969 Airstream "Caravel" trailer. We created a recording studio inside the Airstream trailer - the studio is soundproof, and it has three forms of heating (in-floor, convection, space heater - we record right through the Canadian winter) and air conditioning. It's a beautiful, creative space with a recording desk at one end and a producer's table at the other end. And it's fully mobile.

What equipment do you use to record your podcast?

We use a Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, a Universal Apollo Twin desktop interface, a Behringer ultra-compact 4-channel stereo headphone amplifier, two Dynaudio speakers, and two Audio-Technica headphones.

What software do you use to record and edit your podcast?

We use ProTools for recording and editing our audio. Our podcast hosting provider is Acast.

It seems like you have your dream studio!

We are kind of living it. We can take our recording studio with us when we travel. And we chose to build an Airstream studio because we wanted to have recording flexibility between our home and our summer home.

Under The Influence is part of the Apostrophe Podcast Network and most of our podcasts are recorded in our Airstream studio (our listeners have dubbed it "The Terstream" since Terry records his show there). It took one full year to restore the Airstream and construct/install the studio.

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