Who are you, and what are your podcasts about?

My name is Stephen Robles. I got my degree in trumpet performance but went on to do photography and video for a travel company. Now, I'm a content creator and video producer.

I produce these podcasts:

Here's my most recent episode of Movies on the Side:

Where do you record your podcasts?

We recently built a new house and included a 9x8’ studio space for content creation.

What equipment do you use to record your podcast?

Is there any piece of gear in your current setup that you wouldn't recommend to others? What would you recommend instead?

The Sony a6400 is a little dated, so maybe I'd get the Sony ZVE-10 instead (depending on the use case). But honestly, I’d probably buy it again.

What software do you use to record and edit your podcast?

  • Record with Riverside.fm and Audio Hijack.
  • Edit video in Final Cut
  • Edit audio podcasts in Ferrite for iPad
  • Podcast hosting: Transistor.fm

What would your dream podcast recording setup be?

It’s pretty close right now, but I would love to relocate the studio equipment to a stand-alone shed structure on my property, so house noise isn’t a problem. Having three kids at home is a lot, and I would love to not have them worry about being quiet when I record. ?

Anything else to share?

Here are some of my home/studio construction photos:

You can also check out my studio tour on YouTube.

Find Stephen on the web: